It works Fans!

Posted: May 20, 2011 in It Works Info Updates


Priceless SIMONE , Sudie and Carla at the It Works Green Carpet Event..




If you didn’t make it tonight, you missed out!!! Fantastic fun and great info! Plan on next month!! You won’t regret it.   I promise!

Green Carpet Event!

Posted: May 18, 2011 in It Works Info Updates

You are now all personally invited to the Stoneybrook Golf Course for It Works! Green Carpet event held this Thursday May 19th at 6pm!  Come and hear the CEO talk about the future of the corporation and the amazing direction we plan to take it! Great people, lots of fun! Hey, what the heck else are you doing on a Thursday night??


Karin did both arms and wrapped her belly too. She lost a combined total of 2.5 inches!   Great job Karin!



Posted: May 13, 2011 in It Works Info Updates

Ok, I have the official results of our FAT LOSS from last nights wrap party!

Over 18 inches in total fat loss!  Isn’t that totally incredible??  One girl only lost 10 inches of her mid section, the other girl lost only a 1/4 inch at her hips but ended up with toxic bloating and actually added inches at the party.

Happy to know that this morning she measured again ( Remember this product continues to work for 72 hours!!)   She lost 1.25 inches at the ribs, 3.5 inches at the belly and another 1 inch at her hips. That a total of 6 inches for her!

And our beautiful host wrapped her thighs and lost a total of 2.25 inches between the two legs.

We all had so much fun and were so excited by the results!  If you haven’t been wrapped.. GET WRAPPED!  You’ll love it!  

Host always get a wrap free! Invite your friends and lets loose some FAT!

Ok!!  On my way to wrap some girls tonigt and say bye bye to the fat!  Loosing inches is what I do! Give me a call if you and your friends want to get together and “WRAP”. GET YOUR SEXY BACK!!  PS  hosts always get wrapped for FREEEEE!